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New & quality consignment items for hunting, camping, and more! Firearms & ammunition! G&J Archery inside! Wide World Maps & MORE! Mini-Store inside!


We specialize in new & quality consignment outdoor gear for hunting, fishing, camping, and more.


Explore Optics


Lookout Mountain Outdoors is the exclusive regional dealer for Explore Optics scopes and Nature Smart binocs. New & consignment optics are located in the main showroom inside Lookout Mountain Outdoors.




New & consignment hand guns, long guns, ammunition, and more are located in the main showroom inside Lookout Mountain Outdoors.  We also perform interstate firearms transfers.


G&J Archery 

The new G & J Archery is located in the westernmost showroom inside Lookout Mountain Outdoors.  Recurve and compound bows are tuned and timed before they leave the store.  Arrows are cut to length.

Glenn Sheldon, Bow Technician, Returns to Bow Working
Former Wild West Archery Technician Is One of the Best Bow Wrenchers Available

Glenn Sheldon, formerly of Wild West Archery, is back working on bows!  Glenn will be working with Joe Nochta at Lookout Mountain Outdoors.  If you bought a bow from Glenn or had a bow worked on by Glenn, then you know how quality oriented he is.  If not, then you will be in for a treat!  Glenn is capable of working on any bow, including crossbows.  He is one of the best bow techs you will ever meet.

One of the bowtechs was drawn for the early archery hunt in September, so make sure to not wait for the last minute to have your bows tuned, timed, and/or repaired this summer!


Lookout Mountain Outdoors is your source for high quality, personalized African game hunts in Zimbabwe & Mozambique.

Wide World Maps & MORE! North Phoenix Mini-Store


This kiosk version of the popular Wide World Maps & MORE! Map Center & Galleries is located in the northernmost showroom inside Lookout Mountain Outdoors!