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Weaver Grand Slam Dovetail Steel Base 1-Piece Gloss Black (Fits 700 LA/SA & Weatherby Vanguard)


The new Weaver Grand Slam™ Dovetail Steel Base Gloss Black 1-Piece is a 1-piece system with an all-steel base which provides recoil resistance. This rail features a dovetail locking system for ultra-secure, positive lock-on rings (rings not included). It fits the Remington 700 Lever Action 22.95, Remington 700 Lever Action Right Hand, Howa/Vanguard, Mossberg 1500, Mossberg 1700 Lever Action, Remington 40X, Remington 78, Remington 721, Remington 725, Remington 270, Remington 280, Remington 30-06, Remington 264, Remington 7mm, Remington 300 Magnum, Ruger 77 Rnd. Rec. Lever Action, S&W 1500, S&W 1600, S&W 1700, and Weatherby Vanguard.

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