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Hunter ILF Wood Bow - RH Riser Only


Reach for the next level in traditional archery with the new Fleetwood Hunter ILF Wood Bow - Right Hand Riser Only ! This 19" riser is compatible with all kinds of ILF limbs. It features beautiful solid wood and dymond wood material with exquisite hand worked details. The radiused riser features a comfortable grip & slider adjustment to ensure the shooting comfort and accuracy. It has a recommended brace height of 7"-8" measured at 28".

  • ILF (International Limb Fit) Take Down Riser
  • Crafted of Exotic Hard Wood & Maple
  • Radiused Shooting Shelf & Riser
  • Rug Rest Included
  • Reinforced Limb Tips
  • Right Hand Only

The ILF Hunter  is available in two different limb styles (sold separately) for great archers of all ability levels either in the hunting field or the competition arena!

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