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Past Mag Plus Recoil Ambidextrous


This new Past Recoil Protection Mag Plus Shield  is patented recoil protection. The Mag Shield is designed to provide vital recoil protection while sighting in or doing benchrest shooting. It is excellent protection for mid-range centerfire rifles and recommended for calibers up to .300 Winchester Magnum. Mag Plus Shield is designed to provide same recoil protection as the Mag Shield , but the heart-shaped design provides additional protection for the upper arm area & creates more surface area to dissipate recoil energy better. The  Super Mag Plus features a heart shape design which provides superior protection for shoulder & upper arm. The highest protection level is the Field Shield which is designed for the field shooter. These lightweight, patented foam recoil systems are designed to allow quick, easy gun mounting in the field, and provides valuable protection.

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