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New Samick Sage Plus - Bow Only


Own the best-selling traditional archery bow in the U.S.! Shoot the Sage Plus and you'll understand why it's so popular. This quality, wood recurve bow is great for beginning archers, backyard target shooting and hunting. Easily breaks down into three pieces for transport, or to change limbs to increase or lower draw weight. The Sage Plus is the same exact design as the Red Stag but with different woods in the riser!

• Dymondwood, Maple, and Oak laminated riser

• Hard Rock Maple and Black Fiberglass limbs

• Phenolic reinforced limb tips

• Traditional design without stabilizer, sight, and rest bushings

• Hex limb bolt with dual locating pin alignment system

• 60" AMO length

• 7 1/2"- 8 1/4" recommended brace height

• Includes high performance flemish string

• Draw weights measured @ 28"

We're Stocking Up on Traditional Gear!
All Recurve Bows Are on Sale!

-- We add D97 Flemish String and tune all recurve bows before they leave the store at no additional charge! --

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