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Patriot Radio PR1 10'ground 25'antenna


The new Patriot Radio PR1 ​comes with 25' of antenna wire and 10' of ground wire. This is an AM radio foxhole receiver. When the power goes out and batteries are gone this will allow you to hear important AM broadcast stations. This impressive radio requires no batteries; is simple to use; features a waterproof case with O-ring seal; comes with antenna and ground wires; and is a must for your go-bag​.

In the event of an EMP almost everything with a transistor could become non-operational. Many AM stations still have the ability to run vacuum tube equipment which wouldn't be affected―this is where you will get the most important information and as the sun goes down many AM stations can be heard from many many miles away.

The Patriot Radio TM is meant to receive the strongest AM station in any geographical area by picking up the signal in the air. It requires no charging, winding, sun, nor batteries. The presence of concrete buildings, high voltage lines, and topographical barriers could have an effect on your reception, just like the AM radio in your car.

Great for bug out bags, included with your radio are the two wires needed for operation. The PR1 comes with 10 feet of ground wire (black) and the antenna wire (clear), approximately 25 feet. We recommend adding a headset and an additional small alligator clip on the antenna wire (both sold separately), as it makes it easier to clip onto additional wire, drip edge, or a tree branch. Strip back the insulation, put under the corresponding clips, and and start tuning. Remember the key is the length of your antenna―longer is better―100' would be perfect.

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